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Proficiency Rating

The Proficiency Rating widget allows learners to rate anything on a scale of “Not at All” to “Very Well”.


Unique ways to use this widget

There are multiple ways you can use this widget to assess learner knowledge. For example:

  • Students self-assess how well they understand a topic at the beginning of a lesson, and then again at the end of a lesson.
  • Students watch a video and then rate how well an action was performed in the video.
  • Students look at an image and rate how well it would work when performing a certain action.


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Basic setup instructions

  1. Copy the widget link by clicking on the Get Component button at the top of this page.
  2. In the Author Tool, add a Blank component from the Components tab and resize it to your liking.
  3. Paste the url that you’ve just copied into the Component’s source.


Advanced widget setup

Contact our team for help setting up the widget and trap states in your lessons.

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