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Fill in the Blanks - Multiple Inputs

The Fill in the Blank widget allows learners to input answers (text or number) to complete a paragraph of text. It allows both Dropdown inputs, where students choose from a list of possible answers and Free Text inputs, where students type in an answer.

Unique ways to use this widget

There are multiple ways you can use this widget. For example:

  • Ask students to translate a word or a sentence.
  • Ask students to fill in the missing words in a sentence.
  • Ask students to correctly use key terms in a paragraph.
  • Construct a word equation to identify the correct reactants and products in a chemical reaction.
  • Ask them to add a conclusion sentence to the end of a paragraph.
  • Ask them to fill in details in an excerpt from a scientific text.


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Basic setup instructions

  1. This component can be found in the Author. Insert the widget from the Components tab and resize it to your liking.
  2. With the component selected, Click on Configure and select Options to set it up.
  3. You must change the Mode to Configuration mode to set up the widget.
  4. Type or paste the text you wish in the text box. Note that you can style your text using the rich text editing feature of the widget.
  5. You can add many Text and Dropdown inputs to your activity by clicking on the blue buttons visible on the toolbar.
  6. Specify the expected answers for each of the Inputs created.
  7. Before deploying your lesson to students, make sure you switch the widget from Configuration Mode into Student Mode.


Other options

  • The Attempted property can be used to check whether students have attempted the activity.
  • The Show correct property can be used to display all correct answers to students.
  • The Show hints property highlights correct answers in green and highlights incorrect answers in red. It can be useful to display hints to students after incorrect attempts.
  • The Enabled property allows you to enable/disable the widget.



Q: I’ve set up my widget, but when I preview it, I can’t complete the activity the way students should.A: This is because you still have the widget set to “Configuration” mode. Use the edit icon on the Widget’s iFrame to change it to “Student” mode. Whenever you want to make changes to the widget, switch it back to “Configuration” mode.



Advanced widget setup

Contact our team for help setting up the widget and trap states in your lessons.

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