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Audio Recorder

The audio recorder widget allows the learner to record using their microphone and then either download the recording or copy a link to the stored recording.

Unique ways to use this widget

There are multiple ways you can use this widget. For example:

  • Ask students to talk about a topic in a language they are learning
  • Ask students to read a text in a language they are learning
  • Allow students to practice a speech for a presentation they will give in class, so the instructor can listen and give feedback
  • Give students the opportunity to reflect on what they have learnt in a lesson verbally, reinforcing their knowledge


Basic setup instructions

  1. Copy the simulation link by clicking on the Get Component button at the top of this page.
  2. In the Author Tool, add a Blank component from the Components tab and resize it to your liking. Make sure that the size of the component frame is large enough to accommodate the save and discard buttons.
  3. Paste the url that you’ve just copied into the Component’s source.
  4. To allow learners to download the recording they make, click on Configure and select Options to find the property.


Other options

  • The Recorded property can be used to check whether students have saved a voice recording
  • The Download property can be used to enable/disable the ability for a student to download their voice recording


Advanced widget setup

Contact our team for help setting up the widget and trap states in your lessons.

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